In the wake of a spate of tragic suicides by young gays, this campaign started by writer Dan Savage warms my heart. I hope it succeeds in reach GBLT teens out there who are considering suicide and helps them go on in the knowledge that the cruelty they experience is not their fault, and that they are not unlovable freaks. I’ve watched a bunch of these messages and find them so incredibly heartening.

I was really thrilled to see this message from Sarah Frantz (reader, scholar and reviewer of romance, academic, mother, wife, former soldier). I am not a member of the GBLT community, and I don’t write for it. But as a writer of romance, I understand its powerful message. I was cheering for Sarah as she championed the value of romance, whether the couple be heterosexual or homosexual. Check it out.

Sarah Frantz – It Gets Better

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