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I love reading other people’s six-sentence writing samples on Twitter. It’s a great way to get an idea of a writer’s voice, or at least their character’s voice. Today, I’m joining in the fun by posting the first six sentences from a new book I just published. It’s a little different (okay, a lot different) from my usual offering, so I’ve gone with the name N.L. Wilson instead of Norah Wilson, to try to signal to readers that this is definitely not serious romantic suspense. Rather, it’s very light, funny mystery, featuring a female sleuth. This series, like it’s protagonist Dix Dodd, private investigator, will never be accused of taking itself too seriously!

Okay, without further ado, the six sentences:

If you have a toothache you go to the dentist, not the doctor (unless he’s a really hot doctor and then you go there first). If you need a new roof, call the roofer. You wouldn’t go to a mechanic for your annual pap smear, nor have your OB-GYN under the hood of your … um … car. Okay, bad analogy, but you see where I’m going, right?

The point is, when you have a special job in mind, you call a specialist. And if you live in Marport City and need someone to get to the truth of a matter – and when the matter is private and dear to your heart – you call me.

The book is called The Case of The Flashing Fashion Queen: A Dix Dodd Mystery, and it’s available now on Smashwords (and will be available momentarily at Amazon’s Kindle Store) for the introductory price of just $0.99.