Workspace Wednesday welcomes Deborah MacGillivray

I am excited today to introduce you to award-winning author Deborah MacGillivray, whom I have known online since the days of my publication with Dorchester Romance a decade ago. I well remember the fire she speaks of which destroyed her home a few years ago. The other thing that has always stuck in my mind about Deborah is her selfless service to a now deceased friend and fellow-writer, Dawn Thompson, who faced a number of daunting physical challenges.  Even now, if you visit Deborah’s website, you’ll see that she keeps Dawn’s legacy alive, not just as a memorial but for the benefit of Dawn’s heirs. Quite apart from her considerable and recognized talent as a writer, that makes Deborah a winner in my books. Deborah is now a fellow Montlake author, after Amazon acquired a number of her back list books from the now defunct Dorchester Publishing. Welcome, Deborah!


Deborah:  Thank you to Norah for asking me to drop by and share my corner of the world. Had she asked me that in 2009, my pictures would have been much different. I had a wonderful, handmade cherry desk, oak file cabinets and built in bookshelves, with knotty pine paneling on the walls. Today, my office is completely different, and not just a decorating choice. My home burnt to the ground at the start of 2010, and I very nearly died in the fire. Once healing was begun, I had to find a new home. From there, I knew I wanted to make my office a haven, something special. So what you are viewing is still a work-in-progress.

To start, I had to have a knock-out desk, something fit for an author (LOL). And boy did I get one! I found a Powell Hunt Desk. A beautiful carved mahogany, semi-circle desk, with glass inlays.




Once I had that focal point, then I set out to make the room a reflection of my tastes, my loves, and see it provided a tranquil place to create. The room is 18’ x 17’ so plenty of space to fill with items to speak to what I love. In two corners, flanking the desk, I placed two, matching black suede chairs, with wood and leather footstools.


I learnt long ago, I cannot write on a PC for long. It caused tendonitis of my neck and right wrist. In my agony, I discovered I could work all day on a laptop and not suffer these problems. So while I had my desk to work at when I need space, generally I am found with my legs up and me oh so comfortable in one of the black chairs.

I also have a lovely Victorian settee, which I share with my dolly, made by Candy Thompson (sister of the late author Dawn Thompson). Candy, as well, crocheted me a huge red and black afghan (seen in the second picture)― perfect for my black and dark red office theme.


I also have a constant companion with my new kitty, Miss Mouthy― “Mouse” for short. She mostly sits on the small table by my chair, or on the arm of the chair while I work. I have a gorgeous Tudor birdbath outside one window, so we take breaks to watch the “pool parties”.


I love going antiquing, and we have a marvelous store just down the road. I have found some great items there. A new acquisition ― a second desk ― a roll-top oak is in one corner. I am not sure it’s going to stay in the room permanently. I am considering putting a full-size carousel horse there. All about the room, I have several glass carousel horses with medieval style. On one wall behind my desk, I designed a wonderful display with a tapestry of Edmund Blair Leighton’s “The Accolade”, that my marvelous contractor Joe Crabtree brought into being.




He also helped me hang a wall frieze of two knights battling on a small space between two windows. It’s not quite finished yet, but coming along nicely. I have large framed posters of Scotland ― Kilchurn Castle and Duncarloway Broch. I am far from done, but I think my study is beginning to reflect my new beginning in a new home, and speak of my love for medieval times and Scotland.


Mouse and I must be able to see out into the world. Plenty of light comes into the room as we have a large door way to the living room, and two very large windows on two walls. We get some bird-watching (and squirrel-watching) in on our breaks.


In one corner I have a recumbent bike. I think it vital for an author to get up and move around. It’s good for the body and mind to get the blood pumping. I can take a break and do twenty minutes of pedaling, and suddenly I am awake and refreshed. I also have near perfect blood pressure now. Thank you, bike! All phone calls can be answered on my Vintage Snoopy Phone!


It’s eclectic style, a bit functional, a dash of whimsy and a wee dram of Scottish Medieval― perfect for me to get lost in tales of dashing Challon lads!

My latest addition is the carousel horse. Not sure where I will put him permanently, but I absolutely had to have him!!



However, there are days, that the outside calls. I have a veranda that covers the whole front of my home. I decorated with rockers and loveseats, so I will take my laptop out there and often work. I rock in the glider, while using my Next Up Text Aloud to read back my writing to me. I find the Text Aloud a grand way to hear my words, feel the flow of the prose. So I can keep working, yet enjoy the outdoors as well.




Thank you, Deborah! That was a fascinating tour! I love your study! What an extraordinary home you’ve created for yourself after the devastation of the fire. In fact, I think this might be one of the most unique spaces I’ve profiled thus far here on Workspace Wednesday.


Folks, Deborah has two fantastic giveaways. As always, winners will be drawn randomly from among the comments on this post.


Giveaway#1 – A set of The Dragons of Challon

One Last Hope. . .
Lady Skena MacIain has seen much hardship this year, and she fears worse is to come. For a bloody battle in Dunbar has left her a young widow, and her Scottish fortress without protectors. She wishes she could be as hopeful as her babes, who believe the Cailleach, the Lady of Winter, will send them a miracle in time for Christmas. But life has taught her that things can never be so easy. . .

One True Love?
Until a mysterious warrior is found amid a blinding snowstorm, sick with fever. As Skena nurses the handsome knight back to health, even she begins to believe he might bring salvation to her little keep–and passion to her life, as his body awakens a long sleeping desire within her. . .a desire her touch stirs in him as well. But his wounds speak of danger, and Skena will soon learn, his past carries a secret that could shake her home–and her heart–to their very core. . .
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Giveaway #2 – 1 set of The Sisters of Colford Hall

It was all part of the plan. While his brother was in Scotland dethroning the Lady of Falgannon, Jago Mershan was headed to Kentucky. There he would do his share in avenging his father on the Montgomeries. Only, there was a monkey wrench in the works
Just looking at his alleged enemy’s granddaughter made Jago think of his classic black ’67 Harley Electra Glide, a motorcycle with clean lines and sleek curves that promised the ride of a man’s life. Asha was all woman― and the only woman for him. He’d bet she could go from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye…and not even her claims of paranormal happenings in the diner she ran could put him off. He knew magic: He had a special name for the sights, the sounds, the tastes and smells of that perfect ride. There might be a storm coming, but it was one of passion, and together he and Asha would be… RIDING THE THUNDER
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18 Responses to “Workspace Wednesday welcomes Deborah MacGillivray”

  • Deborah:
    Your new study/den/office is absolutely marvelous! Love it and especially all the light and windows you have. What a wonderful room to create in. Again – so sorry for all you lost in the fire, but like a Phoenix you seem to have risen from the ashes! Great talent will always win out!


  • Donah Beale:

    Dear Deborah,

    It was a treat to see the entire room instead of the usual snips. I treasure your posts, and you know there are some I MUST share. Lovely photos of the dear little Miss M.

  • Doris McKay:

    Thank you Deborah for sharing your work place. You must be a strong woman to rise above the fire and start again. You did a super job. I can see myself rocking on the porch. Did I mention also a very smart woman. I’m still wishing for my very own space someday soon, Doris

  • I loved seeing all the photos of your new work space, Deborah! Sweet Miss Mouthy, and all that light, all the little touches that make it yours…just lovely. The fire was awful, but you’ve risen above and created something beautiful. As for the giveaway, don’t pick me as I already have those books. However wins will be in for a treat, they are wonderful stories!

  • This is so lovely, Deborah. And so YOU. Love the porch, and the Scottish touches… and of course the Kitty Cat.
    Happy Spring – from
    Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

  • your workspace is lovely…i love all your horses displayed..looks so cozy..and you know how i love your works…and thank your for friending me on fb….mary

  • Dee:

    I love your office! It looks so cozy and the décor is so unique.

    Take care,

  • Love your office, but my oh my, what I wouldn’t give for a l-o-n-g veranda like that. I love sitting outdoors too but need to get something for my laptop screen (I forget what they’re called but those shields used to block outdoor’s brightness???). I bought two Adirondack chairs and just love to sit out on the back deck, specially first thing in the morning when the birds are just waking up.

    I love that horse as well. Very nice space.



  • Candy Thompson:

    You have done such a magnificent job decorating your lovely work space! It’s just so lovely! You have such a nice cozy space to write in and you can see in the photos how Miss Mouthy has made herself right at home! What a wonderful decorator you are. This room is really YOU! 🙂 The porch is fantastic also. You deserve this beautiful sanctuary so much and I’m so glad to see you enjoying it!


    Candy 🙂

  • Beautiful! Just perfect. Miss Mouthy and Candy’s doll and afgan are the perfect finishing touches. You have a real talent for decorating, as well as graphic arts and writing.

  • What a gorgeous place to write and dream!


  • I could live in your office and never leave. Well, maybe I’d go out on your beautiful veranda once in a while. What a beautiful workspace. It’s inspiring!

  • Donna Cooper:

    Deborah, everything in your home is just perfect, just like you and your books! Keep up the good work! Donna Cooper

  • Vickie Bates:

    You have a beautiful place to work. I really enjoyed your “Dragons of Challon” books and can’t wait for the ones to finish the series. I can see how you get so inspired.

  • Hi Norah! Nice site!


    Lovely new home and so nice of you to share it with us.

    Though it is heartbreaking to have lost your previous home, I so glad you and your husband survived.

    I see we have similar tastes. I have a portrait of Edmund Blair Leighton’s “The Accolade” in my den, a life-size, knight and shining armor stands guard beside it. I also have a carousal horse I actually tole painted when I was pregnant with my second child. (She’s 21 now.) I’ve never grown tired of it and it sits nice and pretty in my living room. 🙂

    I’m so glad your books once again have a home, and wish you the very best success and happiness. You deserve it! You’re always so supportive to the writers on the loops (me included). Know that it is so appreciated!


    Postscript: Love ‘Mouse’– quite a pretty kitty. 🙂

  • Beautiful room…and definitely a far cry from mine. LOL First of all, your space is neat and very upscale. Mine is more like a book cyclone surrounding a mammoth wooden desk that I got for free. I wish I had your panorama of windows. I know you must look forward to work time.
    All the best to you and Mouse.

  • Hi, Ladies. Sorry I haven’t popped back to natter with you, and thank you for taking time to visiting my “realm”. I am so delighted everyone loved what I am doing. Since the fire, I have had to start over completely. I think time is precious, so very precious, and I wanted the place where I spend more of my time to be a place of light, happiness and soothing.

    Me and Mouse are getting there.

    I appreciate all your comments. You are so very kind! 🙂

    A bit of good news on my newest treasure – my carousel horse – my contractor says it can be saved. So that is good. Another item “healing” with me.

  • Norah picked two winners – Karen Michele Nutt and Dee Gentle. I have contacted winners. If you already have any of my books, I am offering any of Dawn Thompson’s books as a replacement.

    Thank you all again, and a BIG thanks to Norah for asking me to share my corner with you! I have enjoyed it.

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