Six Sentence Sunday

Today’s six sentences are taken from my newly published vampire romance, THE MERZETTI EFFECT. My hero, Dr. Delano Bowen, needs to keep Ainsley Crawford (who has been attacked by a vampire) under his care to give him a legitimate reason for drawing her blood, which he believes holds the cure for vampirism. Since there is too much on the line to leave anything to chance, he manipulates her unwitting cooperation:

He cursed himself, but didn’t let up. “Do you see what I’m saying, Ms. Crawford? They can’t help you. Worst-case scenario, they will literally kill you with their ignorance. Best-case scenario, you turn out not to have been infected with the vampirism virus and will eventually be released, albeit permanently stigmatized by your mental illness.”

She didn’t nod or otherwise signal comprehension, but the spreading bleakness in her eyes was all the confirmation he needed.

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