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My romantic suspense from Montlake Romance – Every Breath She Takes – is going to be released September 4, 2012. But if you comment below, you might win an advance reading copy (ARC) and beat everyone to the punch. ,-)




I should mention this book was previously pubished as Lauren’s Eyes, the same book that won me Dorchester Publishing’s New Voice in Romance award. It has been updated and revised and is ready for a whole new audience of romantic suspense lovers.


Here’s the book description from Amazon:


“Ultra-sexy, heart-pumping suspense and adventure.” – Julianne MacLean, USA Todaybest-selling author

“Sexy, gritty and thrilling.” – Joss Ware, award-winning author of Night Forbidden

Veterinarian Lauren Townsend has good reason for hiding her psychic ability. Not only did her “freakishness” earn her pariah status in the small town where she grew up, it cost her a fiancé and her faith in love. When Lauren foresees a murder—through the killer’s eyes—she traces the victim to a sprawling ranch, never guessing what waits for her…

Cal Taggart’s rugged ranch life doesn’t need any more complications. His stubborn determination cost him his marriage, and now may cost him his livelihood. But then beautiful Lauren enters his corral…with danger close behind. And Cal wants nothing more than to protect her. They can’t deny their intense attraction. Nor do they want to. What begins as a fling with no strings becomes a fight for survival—and for true love.


For a chance to win, leave a comment about the romantic suspense genre. Tell me what themes or tropes you like in your RS (cops, bodyguards, women in jeopardy, etc.). Or tell me which romantic supense authors or stories you absolutely love.  A winner will be drawn randomly from among the comments. Good luck!


For those who want to skip the chance at the uncorrected proof in favor of ordering the official version (which, by the way, will have a different cover than the one depicted here), it’s available for pre-order at

12 Responses to “Win an ARC of Every Breath She Takes”

  • 1What a fantastic title Okay, for my chance to win, here goes: I love RS because it’s both a love story and a suspense. I’m going to get my HEA one way or the other. There will be obstacles, both in the suspense and in the romance. As far as who’s in the story? I really don’t care as long as both are strong characters with strong motivations. Oh, and both are heroic, of course. Smart, sexy characters that keep me flipping the pages are the best.

    Hoping I’m lucky!

    Thanks for offering this opportunity

  • eli yanti:

    i love RS because mystery, action, romance mixed in a story and sometimes make me guess and curious with the ending story. The author i love reading is sandra brown

  • Rachel Howeth:

    Hi Norah,
    I’m looking forward to reading this new book. You haven’t disappointed me yet!

  • sheba holman:

    Looking forward to reading this. Had it on my to do list to go preorder it.

  • I enjoy a good story no matter what the theme, but to choose one, hmmmm, I would say Romantic Suspense with private detectives caught up in a love affair with a suspect and to add a little paranormal, now that is a story. Great character development with twists and a strong story is a great read. Good luck to all and have a great day, X

  • Latochia Bell:

    I love a story that has a strong hero/heroine that has a kind heart and doesn’t come off as too confident… Finding love during an intense encounter is always amazing.

  • Romantic Suspense ROCKS! I love reading them whether it’s cops, soldiers, private detectives, or “ordinary” people tossed into sticky situations. At the moment, my favorite RS author is Laura Griffin. If you haven’t read her stories yet, try one of them! And of course, Norah, yours sounds GREAT too!

  • Michelle Fidler:

    I usually read regular mysteries and not romantic suspense so much, but I think I might like the women in jeopardy theme. I’m sure I have some old R.S. books at home, from the ’90’s and earlier, and I don’t think they have a particular theme. I have two that are set in Hawaii so a travel aspect would be nice in a book.

  • Norah:

    Wow, you guys had some great input there! And even a new author suggestion! Thank you, Alexa!

    Okay, I’m just going to scoot off to to get a random number generated. BRB with the winner!

  • Norah:

    Okay, it’s lucky #6, which is Latochia Bell. I’ll be in touch, Latochia, to get a mailing address to send this ARC off!
    Thank you all! I had so much fun, I might just do this again with another ARC.

  • Michelle Fidler:

    I just thought of some other R.S. books that I like: gothics. Zebra still published them in the ’90’s and I have a lot of older ones that I got from flea markets.

  • I love to read romantic suspense…especially about military, police, FBI agents, etc. I love “protector” type suspense.

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