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So, my daughter brought home *two* metal bands…


It’s happened before. I wake up to find my little bungalow occupied by 4-6 strangers. My 23-year-old daughter is a big music fan and supporter of local live music. Several years ago, she used to be active promoting all-age shows in our city. Back then, we found ourselves hosting touring bands with fair regularity. As  she’s gotten older, she’s moved away from the all-ages shows, but still supports the  music scene. Last night she supported it by inviting two bands home.


Of course, my bungalow is so tiny, it would only accommodate one band (A Sight for Sewn Eyes). The other band (Exalt) slept in their big new van parked outside my house.


This is what the influx of that many extra adults in a house looks like:



So guess what I did this morning? Cooked. Two pots of coffee, a jug of OJ, 20 eggs (scrambled), a pound of bacon, some veggie bacon for the vegetarian (and my vegan daughter), and a loaf of bread. I wish I’d taken a picture of the ten of them in my tiny TV room watching spoofs of music videos and howling with laughter. It was actually nice having them. Brought back memories. And as a bonus, they carted away the remains of my Halloween candy so I won’t have to eat it. (Yes!)


I did take this picture of them just before they left. Well, most of them. One guy is missing (he’s sleeping in the van). My dog Chloe loves house guests, especially when they throw the Frisbee for her in the back yard. She’s in the picture too, getting a hug. And now she’s sleeping as soundly as dirt. The pretty blonde wearing the Cancer Bats t-shirt? That’s my daughter Lindsay. 🙂

 A Sight for Sewn Eyes and Exalt

Safe travels, guys.

God’s artist

On my walk this morning, i saw this fabulous spider web. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you’ll see the gorgous beads of dew it’s collected.



It instantly reminded me of a verse from a wonderful John Hiatt song called “Listening to Old Voices”. Here are the lyrics to the key verse:


There’s a spider at my window

And she spins a web of truth

More beautiful than all these memories

And she surely is God’s artist

As she’s caught the morning dew

It’s a simple prayer that brings me to my knees


I wanted to send you to see a video or at least hear him sing the song, but I couldn’t find a link. For you Hiatt fans out there, I know you’re hearing it in your heads. For those of you who are not yet Hiatt fans, go find some of his music and you will be. 🙂