The Impact of Free

During the months of September and October, I made Book 1 in the Dix Dodd Mystery series free across all platforms which I control, for promotional purposes. Amazon eventually price-matched. During those several weeks, sales of The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen skyrocketed and it soared to #1 on the Top 100 Free in Kindle Store list. When the price was reinstated ($0.99), the book continued to top the genre lists (Humor, Women Sleuths) and managed to hang around on the Top 100 Paid list for a bit. While the book enjoyed that visibility, sales were phenomenal. But was there any lasting impact?

Yes and no.

As you will see from the table below, by far the biggest impact was on sales of Book 2 in the Dix Dodd Mystery series. Family Jewels continues to sell very briskly at its full price of $2.99 (500 units per month, compared to pre-sale volumes of 50 units per month).

However, there was virtually no transfer of velocity to my other books. This is by no means a surprise, since the Dix Dodd books (humorous mysteries co-written with Heather Doherty under the pseudonym N.L. Wilson) are so radically different from the romantic suspense and paranormal romance I write, and the YA that Heather and I write together.

As it a success? Absolutely! Fashion Queen now has 35 reviews with an average of 4.2 stars. And it created a much wider audience for subsequent books.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Norah. Those mystery numbers are fabulous. Congratulations!

  • great informaiton, Norah. thanks so much for sharing with us.


  • Norah,
    Those are lovely numbers! Congratulations. I see what you mean about the second book in the series selling so well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed the sales continue even more briskly over the holidays!

    Thanks for the insight.
    Kate Kelly

  • Wow, Norah. Thanks for sharing this info. I’m so new to all of this and there are so many opposing opinions floating out there, that it really helps to see hard numbers. It really makes me wonder if (when I FINALLY get a chance to go back to my three-volume historical romance saga WIPs) if I shouldn’t price the first one as free? What do you think? I plan to put them all out at the same time, btw.

    • Norah:

      K.E., Sorry to be so long replyling. Your comment was buried in spam. 🙁
      I would definitely price the first one at free if they are all going up at once. Of course, I would put it up at the regular price first. Then reduce it at Smashwords and its distributors. Trying to get Amazon (and B&N if you’re not pubbed there thru Smashwords) to price match at free can be time-consuming, and they’re under no obligation to do it, but if they do, you should enjoy good “sales” for the free book. And if people like it, they’ll go on to read the rest of the series. I definitely recommend it. It does have some downsides – people who wouldn’t normally read a book in your genre will pick it up because it’s free, and won’t like it. But you’ll also find lots of readers who do.

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