Workspace Wednesday welcomes Lina Gardiner

Please help me welcome award-winning author Lina Gardiner. Lina’s Jess Vandemire Vampire Hunter Series have netted her both a Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense and a PRISM award (best first book). She is published by Imajinn Books and The Wild Rose Press. As well, she recently published her first indie effort to very positive reviews. 


Lina has given me some fantastic photos of her workspace, and I am going to ask her to narrate them for us. Take it away, Lina!


Norah, thank you for coming up with the great idea for Workspace Wednesday. I’m really pleased to be your first guinea pig (er…) author.  In all seriousness, I can’t wait to peek into other author’s offices to see what motivates them and feeds their muse.


In this photo (below) you can see I’ve surrounded myself with things that mean something to me.  First and foremost, on the wall is a watercolor painting by my friend and artist, Rik Hall.  He actually painted two of these cemetery paintings based on a moody, spooky picture I used on my website.  The second painting sold very quickly at an open house.  I actually wanted the second one too, but was too slow making up my mind. The photo of the cemetery was taken by Troy MacLellan, a co-worker who kindly gave this picture to me for my website.  I liked it so much the picture ended up in the background of my first book, Grave Illusions.   Some of the other things I have on my desk besides my Oxford dictionary J my Prism (Crystal Pyramid) – best first book award, and my Washington, DC Globe from my friend Joyce, my fuzzy frog from my friend Amy, the skull pen from my son and his fiancée, they got it at the vampire club in Melbourne, Australia and I was totally jealous that I didn’t get to go.  The skull, the mug and little red bag of stones are from my friend Cathy Boone, who just came back from Salem, Mass. where she had an honest to goodness ghost experience in her hotel. 



This photo is me pretending to be busy at the computer.  LOL  In reality, I don’t have to watch the keys when I’m typing.  I’ve been typing for over thirty years.  I always liked the image of Stephen J. Cannell typing on his old typewriter and pulling the sheet of paper out of the platen at the end of each of his TV shows.  Maybe that’s why I like the picture this way. 



The bookshelves on the wall were built for me by my husband, Iggy.  Everyone who comes into my office raves about them.  They’re gorgeous and they showcase my library of books to perfection.  And they often remind me how many books I still haven’t read.  I need to carve out a little more reading time. 



I see this wall the minute I enter my room.  You can’t miss the three giant posters of my first three books in my Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter series.  My husband had the posters made for me and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see them as a reminder that I’ve actually not only published ‘a’ book but several books.  The beautiful carved owl in the center of the desk was done by my ex-boss and friend, Brian Dykeman.  He does the most amazing carvings and he has a website if you’d like to see more of his work – just Google his name.  The little vase came from a co-worker, Chris Maund, who went to the Galapagos Islands years ago and brought it back for me (I’ve always treasured it), and the Baying Wolf was a gift from my husband when my newest book, Black Moon Awakening – a werewolf/shifter story was published.  Then there is the award on the desk, on the left side — My Domino Divas award.  We decided years ago, actually it was Norah who came up with the idea, that the writers in our little group were like dominoes; after one sold the rest would follow.  How right she was and is.  The two gorgeous wing back chairs were a gift from my niece Tracy and her husband Roger.  They are very comfortable and I often sit in them to read or review and revise my WIPs in comfort.  Wow, until I started naming the things in my office that mean something to me, I’d almost forgotten how lucky I am to be surrounded by reminders of my wonderful friends and family.



This wall to my left is my award wall (sort of).  I have the Prism Award and Daphne DuMaurier Award, as well as my RWA Conference badge.  These things remind me at all times that I want to be professional and I want to excel in my field.  They remind me that I must always work hard to improve my writing skills, and to keep moving toward my next goal.  On the filing cabinet below I’ve put pictures of my friends (my go-to place when doubt-devils are nipping at my heels).  Looking at the friendly, smiling faces always lifts my spirits.   I have a white board next to the filing cabinet, the place where I plot, usually after I’m well and truly into my book.  I start out as a pantser and then have to plot out the bones to keep everything cohesive.



Thank you, Lina! I am officially in love with your office! It’s gorgeous! And I love how you’ve surrounded yourself with various talismans and symbols of your journey, as well as very concrete evidence of your accomplishments! Totally inspiring! Thank you for sharing your space with us today.


You can check out Lina’s newest release from The Wild Rose Press, BLACK MOON AWAKENING (my current Kindle read!) or her self-published romantic suspense WHAT SHE DOESN’T KNOW.


Okay, what’s your favorite element or object in Lina’s workspace? (You’re not allowed to say Lina because that’s a given.)

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  • Lina, you have a beautiful writing space!

  • Wow! What a great office! I love the easy chairs.

  • What a gorgeous space! This was a great inspiration. Now if only I could actually get my son to clear his room (he’s been out of the house for over a year!). This was a fantastic inspiration, Lina. Thanks for sharing.

    • Funny you’d mention that, Tara. This room used to be my daughter’s bedroom. It’s really tough to change the room at first, but once you put your stamp on it, it’s a lot easier. Good luck with it.

  • Do we only get to pick one element? I love the whole space. I really love the chairs. Seems like the perfect place to put your feet up and read a good book when the muse isn’t co-operating.

    • Oh, you are so right Margery! And I didn’t mention the little stereo where Nora Jones sometimes sings to me, or Louis Armstrong and just lately Wangal – Didjeridoo music. 🙂

  • *waves madly* Hello Lina! What a great writing space you have! Thanks so much for sharing. I love how you’ve surrounded yourself with such great things from your family and friends. Support is always there!

  • I’m having a serious bout of bookcase envy! I love all the personal and meaningful items you surround yourself with Line. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a great office and an inspiration. I’m hoping to move into my new office in the next few months, so this blog is perfect for getting ideas. I love those bookcases – how does Iggy feel about building more? – and I love the chairs. Except maybe they’d be too tempting. I’d want to curl up and read.

  • I can see I need to kick someone out of the house so I can get my own private room. Your office is perfect, Lina. Your hubby is quite talented to build those lovely bookcases.

    • Don’t feel too bad about not have an office, Grace. While it’s good to be able to go inside and shut out the world, I often work on the deck, in the living room, at the dining room table. Wherever it feels right at the time.

  • I’m loving these office design posts. They’re very inspirational, and such beautiful work spaces. Lina, I can see you curled up in one of the chairs plotting your next book. And I love the talismans you’ve surrounded yourself with. I think all writers need to have things that remind us of who war are and where we’ve been.

    • LJ, you’re so right. We are definitely enriched by the people we know. Writing is very solitary and having the visual reminders of the people who make my life a better place certainly helps.

  • Peggy Young:

    Your workspace looks a little different from when I last saw it Lina. It is much more finished. I particularly love the wing chairs. They look like they’re very comfortable! Tracy and Roger have great taste!

  • Barbara Phinney:

    Love the pics of office. Mine is a disaster compared to all of yours!

  • Gail:

    Beautiful workspace. Glad nobody is viewing mine at the moment.

    • I hear you Gale, I had to do a tidy-up before I took pictures for Norah, myself. I have a tendency to print off research and have a pile of it on the corner of my desk.

  • Doris McKay:

    Hi Lina,A space like you have is what I dream about. Congrat’s to you and thank you for sharing.

  • Oh my goodness, sorry I’m slow responding. Thanks Cathy, I hope you can drop by sometime.

  • Wow, it IS awesome. Particularly love the book shelves. I’ve been wanting to do the same thing with my window for a while !!! Now it’s just a matter of finding the time to get it done! 🙂

    I love my back deck to write but I dont have an anti-glare screen for my laptop. Therefore I can’t see what I’m writing. I need to order one since, ironically enough, the computer stores dont carry them in-store. They ahve to be ordered!

    Renee-Ann <

  • Heidi Hamburg:

    Lina, it’s beautiful. Tranquil and stimulating at the same time. Clever you, pulling it all together.

  • Lori Gallagher:

    Lina – I love your office! You had me at the bookcases, but sealed the deal with how you’re surrounded by love from family and friends whenever you’re in that space – no wonder you’re able to create such amazing work there. Looking around my office as I write this, I think I need some renos …

  • Great office space! Love the layout and the book….all of it.
    WIsh I could be as organized, although I’ve improved in the past year or so. My biggest adornment in my office is my cat, Emma Jean.

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