Workspace Wednesday welcomes Nancy Naigle


I haven’t known Nancy Naigle long; I met her when she became a fellow Montlake Romance author. But frankly,  it didn’t take long, even though the “getting to know you” stuff was all electronic. She’s very warm, funny and interesting. Just like her books! Since I’ve mentioned the Montlake connection, here’s Nancy’s current Montlake title, Sweet Tea and Secrets, which is charting very nicely in Romance > Series and Romance > Contemporary. Go, Nancy!




With that intro, here’s Nancy!


NANCY NAIGLE:  Hey y’all, when Norah invited me to drop in and share my writing space I was so excited. Then, as I fell in love with each space Wednesday after Wednesday, I realized everyone else is way more organized (and neater) than I am!



I live in southern Virginia on a goat farm with my husband and two labs, so it’s probably no surprise that I write love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense.


My office is kind of like me – all over the place, and I learned a couple funny things about myself in looking at my office through these pictures. You’ll see what I mean here in a second.


For example, I never noticed until I took these pictures that it’s pretty darn clear that I’m right-handed. Notice the piles of stuff on the right end of my desk? Good thing I don’t work on a boat, I’d tip over for sure!



The dresser in the background is a white mahogany dresser that was my granddaddy’s. I couldn’t bear to part with it so I stained it to match my desk and cowboyed it up so it would fit in nicely with my décor. It’s filled with marketing stuff for my books. Giveaways, and tear sheets, you name it. And YES, that is goat hide on the bottom three drawers of that chest of drawers. I also used my dremel to carve brands into the sides of it. It was a really fun project.


I treated myself to the Pottery Barn desk six years ago and I love it today as much as the day I realized I had to have it. The huge desk top gives me lot of room for stuff, and I usually have lots of notes and lists all around me.


The funny thing is I never realized how close to the edge, even hanging off my desk, I work until I took these pictures. I guess maybe that desk isn’t quite as big as I’d really like it to be. And yes, the little stool under the desk is so my feet have somewhere to land. I’m a shorty-girl.



A cool tool: Earlier this year I discovered these adorable cherry bleachers at It’s one of my favorite websites to window shop. As you can see, it gives me a chance to scribble notes on cards and pop them into the bleachers to help keep myself on track as I work on my book.



These Kathy Ireland bookshelves neatened up my act considerably earlier this year. It’s been great to have twelve running feet to store all my favorites (see Mary Alice Monroe’s book face out on the top left shelf) and craft books.



But there are some days when I really need to get down to work. When the words just aren’t coming, I swivel my office chair toward the window, kick it into recline position, and write with my laptop in my lap. Those always end up being super productive days. It must be a feng-shui thing because it doesn’t work unless I turn the chair toward the window.



The bottom line is as long as I have my laptop I can make it happen. I really like that flexibility.


I have two giveaways for readers. Just leave a comment below for a chance to win either:

  1. A $10 Amazon gift card; or
  2. A set of autographed Keeper Kase™ Cards. Don’t know what Keeper Kase™ cards are? Lordy goodness, check this out.


Good luck! 


Thank you, Nancy, for that fun tour! I think you might win the prize for the most original piece of furniture with that “cowboyed up” dresser!


I also wanted to mention Nancy’s next Adams Grove Novel Out of Focus, coming in August 2013.



Okay, folks, you heard the lady. Let’s have some comments!



43 Responses to “Workspace Wednesday welcomes Nancy Naigle”

  • Thanks for having me, Norah!

    I’d love to hear how other folks like to work. For example, do you work at a desk, in a chair, with music or with children zipping through the room.

  • Nan!

    I’ve never seen your workspace before and I LOVE it. I’m going to start trolling Norah’s Wednesday posts for office ideas.

    Good news is Smarty Boy and I will both have our own workspace in the house we’re moving into this weekend. His has built-in book shelves. Mine was being used as a dining room, so I’ll have to deal with the strange light fixture. I think the room was originally a bedroom, however, because it has an attached bathroom and closet. Yay for storage and potty breaks – LOL.

    I’m thinking of painting my space turquoise!

    • Kelsey – your new space sounds perfect!!! You should plan to get new boots to match your new writing space 🙂 Hey, lets paint your cool sass-kickin romance on one wall! Now that would be fun!

      Thanks for visiting. Wish I’d cleaned up now!
      Hugs and happy writing~

  • Hi, Nancy and Norah. It’s great to see you here, Nancy. And I love your office!

    It’s an interesting thing… I met Nancy at RT in Chicago, and in just a few minutes it felt like we’d known each other forever. I think it’s a “Nancy” thing. She’s warm, wonderful, and have the best smile. Also, she writes the BEST books. I’ve read and loved both of them, and am eagerly waiting for more.

    Looking forward to spending some time with you at RT in Kansas City, Nancy.
    L. j.

  • Stephanie StClair:

    Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

    I have an office, but I find I do most of my writing sitting in the recliner in the my living room, usually with the tv running (but muted) and my headphones (playing music loud enough to drown out everything.)

  • Beth Thompson:

    First of all, LOVE your swivel chair by the window. Wish I had those and your beautiful bookshelves. Think I may get myself one of those bleachers. What a great idea. p.s. loved seeing your band proxy card and laptop keys hanging off your lamp.

    • Hi Beth! You caught me! Yep…the proxy card and key have to live where I can find them when I travel to work onsite. For the non-banker folks…I have a daytime job with Bank of America that keeps me super-duper busy! I have the luxury of working from home, but when I let the housekeeping slide, I’ve found I have to keep some things right out in the open else I won’t find them in the clutter…like my acccess keys and laptop keys for the office on those rare occasions I have to travel these days.

      I’m juggling 🙂

    • Totally treat yourself to the bleachers. They are splurge .. but so handy for so many things. Oh! And Levenger often runs sales where you spend $100 and they give you a $50 gift card. Not a bad deal.

  • Thanks, L.J., you’re too sweet. Thanks for stopping by my messy office hahah.
    Since I started writing seriously, I’ve had to let some things just become low priority and cleaning was one of those things. I figured a little clutter never killed anyone (unless I trip over it!)

    Last year was my first Romantic Times Convention, but I’m already signed up for the Kansas City one. I can’t wait to see you again!! Plus, Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes will be out just in time for it.

  • Your office is so YOU, Nan! I love the bleachers—great idea! I would’ve loved to have seen your dogs Hunter and Dakota in the pix. They’re kind of fixtures in your office, right? 😉

    • Hi Tracy!!
      Yes, Hunter is totally a fixture in my office. He’s my 6 yr old black lab. He especially likes the sunny spot in front of the window, but on cold days he lays under the desk and snug my feet on his warm body.

      The puppy, 1 yr old Dakota, is a chocolate lab, but he’s a total farm dog. He’s ALWAYS outside with Mr Mike. He even rides along in the Polaris when Mike feeds the critters, and sits in the seat waiting for him. He loves being outside, and Mike rarely leaves him behind.

  • Nancy, this was a delight. I loved the pictures of your office. Isn’t it amazing when you see something through another set of eyes, in this case, your camera’s? It is obvious that you’re a righty. The left side of the desk was rather bare. And how fun are the goat hide drawers? But I love, love the bleachers for your notes. I have a picture holder that I use, but I think I like your idea better. Congrats with the new book. I know it will do well!

    • Thanks, Anita. Yes, it is so funny what you don’t notice. I have to admit though that I’m kind of oblivious to lots of details. I’m so busy just doing my thing I don’t see what’s right in front of me sometimes.

      Oh well…that’s just me … faults and all. 🙂

  • I love, love, love your desk! And those cherry bleachers look like a brilliant idea. I’m afraid to visit the website you mentioned; probably find too many tempting things. I’m a strictly write at the desk girl. So boring.

  • Hi, Kate. Boring is a-okay as long as you’re writing 🙂

    ****Does anyone use inspiration boards to help them write. I’ve never really done that, but it sounds really cool. I bet you could situate those on the bleachers, too.

  • Jean:

    I love your office. Nice room with a window just sit back and enjoy the view.
    Your book case is just beautiful and full of knowledge, just like you.
    Have a good year, waiting for your next book.

  • That window looks out across the street where the farrier keeps his stallions…not a bad view!

    • Thank you for the recipe card. I vtenuoelr for an environment group that holds working bees regularly. Of course every army marches on its stomach, and these working groups are no exception. I think some madeleines will just hit the spot. Ros. #31

  • Hi, Nan. I love your office! I’ve been thinking about making a certain spot in my house a secondary workspace so I can grab some quiet when it’s busy around here (my hubby and I share an office). I think you’ve just inspired me. The bleachers are a terrific idea.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I have serious bookcase envy, Nancy! Those are gorgeous and huge! I also love your Levengers bleachers. Like you, I window shop there often. I love my office window too, although I’ve never mastered the art of typing on a laptop while lounging in a chair.

    Please tell me you straightened things up a bit before you took the photos! My office NEVER looks that neat. LOL!

    • Oh, Nancy, there are stacks of things all over my desk. And I think I counted 4 ink pens on my desk top…not to mention that there are two pencil cups with 4 nail files in them there too. Hmm…what is it with 4s??

      Even the bleachers are a little of a mess…but that’s just me, I guess.
      Thanks for visiting!

  • My son loved your goat, Nancy! Oh, you have cool stuff. Great office (from another shorty pants)

  • Jerri G.:

    Hi Nancy! Found you here from your FB post. Now I feel I know you better and absolutely love your dresser! I have one I was thinking of stripping and refinishing. What a great idea with the goat skins!!! You are too clever. I just had to laugh when you mentioned the right-handedness of your desktop. Aren’t we creatures of habit? Going to go browse too! I am very happy that you kept the name OUT OF FOCUS for your book and that you are re-releasing it. Are you making changes as with Sweet Tea and Secrets? You needn’t twist my arm to reread either one – several times over!!!
    HUGE FAN – and you know it!!!!!

  • Liza:

    Love your office, Nancy! Where are pics of the puppies? The goat pic is really cute.

  • What a fun day this has turned out to be!! Y’all are the best.

  • Oh, my, goodness, the day just keeps getting better!! Our hostess with the mostest just cracked #1 with her book EVERY BREATH SHE TAKES!

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #70 Paid in Kindle Store
    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Romantic Suspense
    #1 in Books > Romance > Romantic Suspense
    #1 in Books > Romance > Fantasy & Futuristic


    • Norah:

      Thanks, Nancy! I just noticed your comment. I’m sure the fact that Montlake is offering it for $1.99 for the month of November has a little some-some to do with that ranking. 🙂

  • I usually write at my desk in my office or on my laptop at Starbucks. Depends on how much I actually want to get done. I find the laptop is best because I can’t get online at this point and am able to really focus.

    One of these days I’ll take pictures of my office, but honestly right now it’s a disaster. I moved in almost a year and a half ago, yet still have storage tubs stacked up to the ceiling. Bleh!

  • Lori Gallagher:

    Hi Nancy – I am in love with your cherry bleachers. What a great idea! I’m all over the place when I write – office, living room, dining room table. Your office is wonderful, though, especially the chair facing the window. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hi Nancy – Love that dresser and your writing space. I agree that you can – and often must – write anywhere, but I do love having a cave to go into where my mind and body know the only thing to be done in there is writing. Congrats on your Adams grove series! Sorry I wasn’t out here yesterday but I didn’t get back to FB until this morning. 🙂

    Hi Nora!!! – I’m so glad Nancy pinged my FB on this blog. Love your covers – exciting suspense reads – glad to see another “Wet Noodler” success.

    • Norah:

      Hey, Dianna! So good to hear from you. I’m glad Nancy pinged you too! And oh my, you’ve been a busy lady! You’re doing the Noodlers proud!

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO Stephanie St Clair and Anita Clenney — the winners in the giveaway!
    Hugs and happy reading, ladies.

  • Summer & Matt What a joy it was when I found out I was the lucky winner and nembur one first entry in the Celebration Banner Give-Away. The banner will be fun to use to decorate for our next event. Could even be dinner for two. The Domestic Nest and both of you are Number One in my book.Thanks Domestic Nest!

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  • This article achieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

  • Lipe:

    i like the chair. the way the legs are two-tone very whimsical. i could do that space, but twice the size is what i would need, i, i’m sure you desk looks just as loevly. i don’t see you as a messy desk kind of gal.

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