A real thrill ride!

Fight or FlightFight or Flight by Natalie J. Damschroder

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Regan Miller has been trying to protect her daughter Kelsey since even before Kelsey was born. Eighteen years ago, a pregnant Regan’s boyfriend was murdered. He lived just long enough to warn her to run and protect the child. But now, Kelsey is grown and has gone off to college. Just when Regan thinks she might be able to relax her insane vigilence, the attack she’s always feared comes. They’ve finally found her! From that point on, it’s an adrenaline-spiking thrill ride. Regan is a kick-ass heroine, and she taught her daughter well, but this time, no matter how far and fast they run, they can’t escape. Regan is forced to trust her charming, handsome neighbor Tyler Sloan, who turns out to be much more than he seemed. But when the bad guys seem to anticipate their every move, she begins to think she was wrong to trust Tyler.

Damschroder keeps us on the edge of our seats with the mystery (who wants Kelsey and why?) and with the thrilling action/fight scenes. My absolute favorite scene in the book – actually, maybe the best scene I’ve read in a while -takes place in a men’s bathroom. It was killer!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a romantic suspense with lots of action/adventure. It’s all there in spades!

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